Dear Guests

Not a good week for us !

The Dinner tomorrow is canceled due to a gas leakage in the kitchen of the apartment.

IMPORTANT: Because our email account was hacked,we don’t have access temporarily to your reservation data and we need you to send an email to our new temporary account in order to return to you your deposit money. Please state your name that you used to deposit, and send us full details of your account that the money must be sent to in order to check your details with the Deutsche bank and send you your deposit money back.

W.Kizis,Judith S, Mark F, Niv C are the names that we have in our Deutsche account but we can’t see the rest of your data in order to do it automatically.


We need from 2 to 4 working days , depending on the country that the account is in, in order for you to receive your money back.

We will get back to you with a new date for the dinner as soon as the matter is resolved.

Sorry for the inconvinience