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Foie Gras Tart - Roberto Cortez CreationAfter a lot of inter-continental communication we are honored to announce that we have a Guest Chef with us for 2 nights only, October 2nd and October 4th. Please visit and have a look at the amazing cuisine that will be on offer in Berlin’s  most intimate dining environment. We are taking a maximum of 10 diners for each of these evenings and would advise you to book early to avoid disappointment. The theme of the menu that Roberto has put together for us is, in his own words,  the “Liquid Dinner Elemental :
Utilizing the delivery of extreme flavor by way of liquid.
Then accompanied by solid, soft and crunchy food elements alongside.
All with custom made eating utensils and cutlery.”

This promises to be the best dining experience available in Berlin in 2009, don’t miss it!!


Our ceiling, NOT a meringue disaster ..... sadly ....

… but we haven’t drowned! We’re still here! So … sorry to all you curious diners who have been requesting slots with us, but it’s been a long, WET summer. First of all, we put together our summer menu at the start of June, and then it rained …… and rained ….. and rained. As if we hadn’t had enough water, we had a leak from the flat above that brought down our kitchen ceiling 😦  and we had to cancel all bookings for July (see our photo of the leak in action!). A saga with the insurance company was FINALLY resolved 2 weeks ago and the kitchen has been restored and the paint is drying. On October 2nd we will be operating once again – and we have a REAL surprise in store!! We have a Guest Chef for 2 nights only, all the way from Los Angeles, an amazing Chef who has cooked for the greats and who has requested some nights with us. Please visit and if you like what you see, please send us a mail. This is a real one off and a real honour for us. There will be a different contribution expected for this evening but it promises to be the best dining experience to be had in Berlin – mail us and we’ll give you the details. Book fast!! More very soon ……

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