P1010841Wednesday is market day for us – actually, in Berlin, pretty much any day is market day if you want to go to them all, but the Turkish market at Yorckstrasse S-Bahn is our closest one, and I love it because it’s noisy, messy and ridiculously cheap. The Thursday market at the Paul-Lincke-Ufer is bigger, and the Saturday morning market at Winterfeldplatz is fancier, but I like our small, slightly haphazard one the best.

We don’t really buy any of our supper club supplies here, because Wednesday is a bit early to start shopping for the weekend, but we do buy oranges for fresh juice in the morning, and bundles and bundles of fresh mint, which lasts for over a week and makes our kitchen smell like an Algerian cafe.

They also have great fabrics, coffee and taramasalata, which happens to go very well with the sesame seed bread from the same stall.

Green speckled Gallia melons - have never seen these before


The weekend ahead is looking really interesting so far, with guests from the US, Denmark, Sweden and Ireland. Hopefully they will enjoy the food and share some recipes!