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A big thank you to all the lovely diners we’ve had the pleasure to serve so far – we’ve had a great time, and judging by the clean plates taken back to the kitchen, so have you!

We’re considering taking bookings on Sundays from the beginning of May, so please let us know if you are interested in coming on a Sunday. We’re also planning a new project once the weather picks up – watch this space…

Welcome to dinner!


Thinking of coming to visit? Drop us a line!

The Shy Chef is booking out quickly – there is frantic activity in the kitchen, and fresh flowers on the table.  But there’s still room – if you would like a place at the table, send us an email and we will try to squeeze you in!

Are you visiting Berlin? Perhaps for the first time? Are you a foodie lover, keen to discover the ‘real’ Berlin?

The Shy Chef is cooking up a storm in her small kitchen, and is inviting you into her living room to enjoy it! Right in the heart of Berlin, in the bohemian district of Kreuzberg, she is welcoming you into her 19th Century flat for a delicious five-course set menu. This is a chance to get to know Berlin from another perspective, to get a glimpse into how people really live, and to enjoy a great meal at the same time!

And of course you will also get plenty of insider tips on what to explore in Berlin – the bars, the galleries, the clubs and theatres…

Come and experience a true Berlin secret!

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